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okay here we go

sorry for not posting anything progress-related, tbh I was originally hoping to liveblog my experiences

but I got sick so I just ended up playing nonstop and never even looked at my phone

a recap of all the things I really enjoyed in DQB2

(as spoiler-free as possible)

- The characters are all very charming and I ended up falling in love with some very unlikely ones

- Malroth is a good boy and I will fite him with friendship

- the little mission illustrations are cute as heck! I might try to learn how to emulate that style

- I said it in my last post but the plot of this game would make an amazing anime, it was more thorough and engaging than even the Zelda games I love for their plots

- most of the boss fight mechanics were interesting and super fun

- I may or may not have actually cried every time someone died or left (spoiler: I did, every single time, that's how engaging all the characters are)

tldr- it's a really fun game and i 100% recommend playing it!! (plus it would be cool to have friends to talk to abt it)

- as far as the building itself goes i'm gonna put some specifics of each area under a cut

- if you played it/are planning to play it let me know your thoughts i'd love to chat ^^

WARNING: major spoilers of entire plot and ending, do not read if you want to play the game.

also it's rly long


- fairly good as a starting area, but I felt I had too much building freedom for that early in the game with not enough materials (esp compared to how restrictive the later chapers got)

- found myself doing more exploring than anything else and only returning to town to advance the plot and get food

green tablet

- interesting way to introduce you to landscape building, but I feel like that's all it was? I guess I've seen most ppl go back and build their post-game town there, though I feel like there could have been more


- was actually very surprised when this twist happened

- food scarcety was a real problem because I am not fast, so I spent the entire escape sequence starving and not able to help in the fight rip

- kinda sad I didn't get to see my friends from there later in the game

- at one point I ended up falling off the edge of the island and couldn't get back up so I had to go find the merman to murder me

- yes malroth, i will gladly smack you if you ever do something really dumb


- the first thing I did when i got there was see the dirt pile and proceed to collect all the dirt, assuming it might be important later (it wasnt)

- building up the town was way more fun bc the limited space and funky shape forced me to be more creative about it

- you ever just eat noting but cactus, shrooms, and steak for a month?

- i nearly lost it when all the stuff I'd done in that chapter ended up leading to a single offhand comment about "Goldirox and the threee bars"

- I thought his name was goldirox bc he was gold and made of rocks but no, it was a double pun

- Digby and Dougie are gay for each other, you can't change my mind

- imo Babs became less cute when she changed her hair? also how did it get that much longer overnight?? they should have done something about the consistency there

- there wasnt much exploring to do even in the mines, but it still felt like a full proper place

- 18 miners on top of the other villagers was a lot to deal with, i ended up having to move the toilet bc the pathing on the line got all screwey

- Jules' way of talking is really fun idk why

- the acccents the villagers all had ended up making me accidentally slip into my southern accent more than usual rip


- was hesitant at first bc desert isnt exactly my favorite biome, but once construction was under way i found it the most fun one both because of how spacious it was inside gave me the freedom to build a nice little place and this is when I started doing all the explorer's shores

- was very surprised when the first super-strong monster I fought ended up wanting to be friends! (the great sabercat)

- fought so many sabercubs but never found one that wanted to be friends, i think it's one of the only ones i'm missing now

- was actually a little hesitant to move on to the next area, but I didn't feel like looking up room recipes yet so I couldn't think of anything much to add


- absolutely love the accumulating snow and runing through it, wish there was a way to have that on command

- saw the small poison puddle near the dock and was like "heck yeah poison swamps!", only to find out there was like 4 puddles worth in only 1 place later :(

- the castle felt way too restrictive for building anything creative, i usually like castles but it felt too plain and I didn't really build any new rooms, i just used the foundations that were there

- going overboard on spiketraps is my new hobby, really glad I got that unlimited iron before this

- as soon as the talk about traitors and spies began i started looking for clues, did not expect it to be the generic farmer, I needed him for my pototoes and wheat (ended up having to rework my tiny farm to keep getting enough food)

- this is the first place I ever experienced a frame-rate drop, all the monsters combined with the snow and trap effects must have been too much for my little switch lite to handle (this doesn't bode well for botw2)

- I started rushing the story when malroth got locked up, I'd never done any fighting without him before (skelkatraz was the only other time we'd ever been seperated) and it showed. plus i missed him.

- i did legit try to bust him out but obviously that didn't work lol

- used the mirror on Malroth just because I was curious, but now I wonder what kind of dialogue i'd get if I didn't??

- I was yelling at my switch so much trying to talk to malroth bc I rly wanted him to like me again, but there's no dialogue options to help

- exploring this place wasn't fun bc it was pretty empty, but also felt wrong without malroth there

- this area really didn't feel complete or real? idk if it was just bad level design or if that was intentional bc this is where all the illusion stuff starts coming up

- killed the super-strong dragon with nothing but spike traps, it took like 20 minutes

- the rendarak plottwist was kinda fun, but really i only used it to gather medicinal herb seeds, i have so many herbs now

- never went back to finish all the puzzles and find hidden items bc i was too worried about malroth


- the lamest castle ever, it has like 2 good points, lulu was being harsh about the wrong things though, the small rooms are normal for me and the big openings just mean big windows

- it was both too strict with the high walls and too overwhelming with the amount of materals I could work with to make anything creative, ended up mostly using the same castle block for everything and it looked boring

- found out there is a maximum room size, had to put some stuff behind the throne and some extra decorative blocks to fill enough space for it to count

- i don't like the powie yowies design at all

- when searching for the powie yowie i accidentally befriended a cosmic chimera and a ghoul and almost had a 2nd chimera too but i ran out of monster food

- found a single sheep and then an extra nun on one of my vetures but then somehow lost the sheep, was really confused for a while but later found a lamb chop in my inventory. oops

- really feeling the lack of snow accumulation

- also found out some of the clothes are crazy gendered and im :( why can't the floofy dress and the bard tunic that hayden has be seperate items so i can have both

- also more clothes need to be dyeable, the villager dress especially bc lulu wears a blue one but I can only have red??

- very lonely without malroth, but i decided to just give lulu what she wanted and made the royal bedchamber hers and let her wear the poofy dress (lowkey hoping she would give me her blue dress in return rip)

- hesitant to move on again, but this time bc i wasn't satisfied with my work, made so many fields and planted all the crops i could find, did a few more tablet targets

- finally decided to move on when I got the witch hat, i guess i took it as a sort of sign, rly glad i wore it to the next area bc magic stuff happened lol


- monsters are so fun and charming

- defo rushed this one big time, i only built what was absolutly necessary and spent basically the entire time on assembly-line duty

- actually surprised by the amount of food supplied? i guess I did have to use it to heal too though

- NO4H is the best from this area, but i've always loved robots so that's not a big surprise

- the malhalla and rendarak as fun twisty puns was a really interesting take on things

- very surprised to find the captain there wow, also the way it looked like the ship was frozen in time was rly cool

- I want to be able to make those sideways crates, i can't collect them bc they count as a trashed item :(

- very upsetti that I didn't get any proper goodbyes from the crew and idk if I'll be able to see any of them ever again :(( i miss them

- the events leading up to the finale were neat, very climactic indeed

- idk if he could feel it but every time i hit malroth i was putting all my friendship and love into it, glad he's finally back now, i missed him way too much

- watching him try to build something and finally succeed was both funny and heartwarming

- the final battle against the actual evil malroth was kinda boring mechanic-wise, i've never really liked those 2D shooters as it was

- finding out that my suspitions about what was in the builder book where correct was great, it's exactly what goes into my sketchbooks!


i turned the game off and went to bed right after the credits roled so idk about any post-game stuff yet, i hope there's enough to keep me interested for a while bc i'm not ready to move on to another game quite yet

overall it would have been a much longer game if i hadn't gotten sick and rush played it nonstop, but i think there's a decent amount to do postgame to keep me busy while I save up for my next game (not just money but time and emotional energy, I put a lot into the games I play lol)

someday i'll probably replay and allow myself to put more into building as I go and making things look nice instead of just work (i kinda felt i couldn't this time bc the plot talks a lot about how you don't have much time, but postgame gives you all the time ever so)