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imma be real with yall

the splatoon 2 experience hasnt been the best so far

ive mainly been stuck in turf wars where everyone else is over level 30 (sometimes even all over level 60) and completely stratted out their gear and i just got the game yesterday and am trying my best

its a little disheartening tbh

i think the only thing letting me be of any use on the team is my practice with the 1st game (and even there i never made it past lvl 26 bc i didnt have wifi for a while)

but yeah i dont have access to any decent gear or very much experience yet and being stuffed in with a bunch of pros kinda takes the fun out of it a little :/

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yeah every time i try to play it i can manage but so many ppl are so hardcore w it that it gets kinda tiring tbh... but keep at it!! just don't think too much of being useful nd just kinda focus on just like... being there? ur there splashing ur color everywhere nd it doesn't matter too much what everyone else is doing. that's what helps me w it so good luck!!

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