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original concept art of my magical girl characters!

i figured while i'm thinking about them i could go into more detail about their origins! plus this can act as a lowkey design reveal untill i finish making updated art of them ^^

Moonlit Hues is the title of a magical girl comic im planning on making, it's a long time in the works so there's a lot to talk about and i don't want to reveal everything at once.

under the cut since this might be kinda picture-heavy

in the order i added them to the story, not actually the order i adopted them in (i don't even remember that anymore)

Bernie! the only character i've ever adopted physically, she came from my first time at an amine convention! artist went by the name kawai-senpai but i cant find her deviantart anymore

Rhoma (bottom middle) was the next to be added! a draw-to-adopt from Jessi (who was a friend at the time) that i won!

then Ainsley (#2) and Maisie (#3). adopted from sparkstea for every last point i had (which was actually a crazy discount from what they were asking for originally)

Rani was added next but i lost her original art (i think the op mightve deleted it) so here's the only time i drew her before adding her to the story ^^

the last of the MCs to be added was Sterling (#1)! art made by stardust-adopt.

after that secondary chars got added one by one, some were designed by my friend and quite a few also came from repurposed adopts or unused ocs!!

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